Electronic Communications Delivery Policy

Please read this information carefully and print a copy and/or retain this information electronically for your future reference.

By checking the box stating “I have read and agree to Yrefy, LLC’s consent to Electronic Communications” below, you are agreeing to electronically access, receive, review, sign, and authenticate certain documents and forms covered by the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“E-SIGN Act”), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”) adopted by various states, and/or the separate state laws of Illinois, New York, and Washington (as applicable). Your electronic signature will bind you to the same extent as if you had signed the electronic document or form on paper with an ink signature. You are also agreeing that such documents and forms may be retained solely in an electronic format and are “transferable records” within the meaning of the UETA.

  1. Definitions

Your consent will apply to all information Yrefy and its respective subsidiaries, (collectively, “we,” “us,” or “our”), send to you, or disclose or communicate to you, relating to “Get Your Rate” and “Apply Now” your online loan application (“Communications”), while we are receiving and evaluating your refinance application, refinancing your private student loan(s), and/or servicing your refinanced private loan.

  1. Hardware and Software Requirement

You need to have a valid working email account in order to utilize Electronic Communications for Yrefy’s Communications. You need to have a tablet, computer or mobile device with internet access that has a current version of one of the following JavaScript-enabled web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. You need to have sufficient electronic storage capacity on your hardware. You need to be able to access HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) files, PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files, and PDF (Portable Document Format) files using your hardware.

We will notify you if there are any material changes to the hardware or software needed to receive electronic Communications from us. By giving your consent, you confirm that you have access to the necessary equipment so that you can receive, open, and print or download a copy of any Communications for your records.

  1. Method of Electronic Communications

All Communications that we provide to you electronically will be provided either (i) directly to any email address provided by you (or any email address you provide to us later); (ii) on our website; or (iii) directly by text or SMS to any mobile number provided by you in your online account (or any mobile number you provide to us later). WE MAY USE SUCH MEANS OF COMMUNICATION EVEN IF YOU WILL INCUR COSTS TO RECEIVE SUCH COMMUNICATIONS. If Communications are provided on our website, we will notify you of the website address to access the Communications by sending you either an email or mail through the US Postal Service to the mailing address provided by you in your online account.

  1. Electronic Communications

If you choose to transact business with us electronically, it is necessary for you to provide us with notice of your consent to transact business with us electronically. Through this agreement, you consent and agree that such Communications may be delivered to you by posting such Communications to your online account or a different website that we may, from time to time, communicate to you, by sending such Communications to your designated email address, or by making such Communications available to you during your online session with us. Email Communications may include attachments or embedded links. Communications that you agree to accept electronically include, without limitation, all regulatory and other notices and disclosures required by federal and state law (such as your Truth in Lending and Privacy Policy disclosures), loan-related application materials, self-certification or other forms, loan agreements, account statements, all future tax forms (including IRS Form 1098-E (Student Loan Interest Statement)), future annual Privacy Policy disclosures, and other information. Your consent also permits us to obtain your electronic signature if you choose to sign certain Communications electronically. If you do sign electronically, your electronic signature will bind you to the terms and conditions to the same extent as if you signed the Communications on paper with an ink signature.

  1. Updating Your Contact Information

You agree to notify us whenever you change your email address or mobile number. If we receive an electronic notice that an email is undeliverable due to an incorrect or inoperative email address, then for Communications that we are required by law to send to you (such as IRS Form 1098-E), we will resend such Communications to you via U.S. Postal Service. In the event servicing of your account is handled by your affiliate or agent, you may update your contact information by communicating your request to it by contacting it directly at the address, telephone number, or hyperlink provided by it.

Please note that if your email tool uses a spam filter that blocks or re-routes emails from unknown senders, you may need to add Yrefy as a known email contact so that you will be able to receive the Communications, we send to you.

  1. Paper Copies

You may obtain a paper copy of any Communication by printing it from your computer or by contacting us at support@yrefy.com, provided on our website, or customerservice@yrefy.com. You may obtain a paper copy of any electronic agreement or form that was submitted with an electronic signature by printing it from your computer or by asking us to send you a copy at the above email addresses. The request for a paper copy of any Communication will not by itself constitute a withdrawal of consent. We reserve the right to provide paper Communications to you at any time through the US Postal Service.

  1. Withdrawing of Consent

You may, without cost to you, withdraw consent to the use of electronic Communications and instead elect to use the U.S. Postal Service to obtain communications from us. In order to withdraw your consent, you must contact us at the phone number and/or mailing address that we communicate to you on our website. Additionally, you may withdraw your consent to receive IRS Form 1098-E electronically by emailing us at customerservice@yrefy.com or at a different email address that may, from time to time, communicate to you.

If you withdraw your consent to receive Communications electronically, you will lose any applicable benefits that were promised in return for your agreement to receive Communications electronically. For IRS Form 1098-E only, we will confirm the withdrawal of consent and the effective date consistent with the means with which the request was made, e.g., electronically or by letter. Your withdrawal of consent does not apply to Communications provided electronically before the date on which the withdrawal of consent takes effect.

  1. Acknowledging Your Ability to Access and Consenting to Electronic Communications

By checking the “I have read and agree to Yrefy’s Consent to Electronic Communications”, you are stating that you are able to view and have read, understand, and accept the electronic delivery consent stated above, have the required hardware and software, and agree to receive Communications electronically, as set forth above, as well as future Communications electronically.