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At Yrefy, LLC. and affiliates (Yrefy), we recognize and appreciate the importance of respecting the privacy of our customers.  We are committed to safeguarding against unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, the information about our customers.  This Privacy Notice sets forth Yrefy’s current policy and practice with respect to nonpublic personal information of our applicants, customers and former customers.  Please be aware that we may change this policy at any time.

Information We May Collect:

Personal Information

Yrefy limits the collection, retention, and use of individual customer information to the minimum amount required to deliver our loan products and services.  We may collect nonpublic personal information about you from different sources.  For example, when you inquire from us; or apply with us in writing, on the phone, by email, from our website, or web portal we may collect information about you such as income, date of birth, social security number, from application or other forms.  We collect information about our customers through your transaction with us such as account balance, and payment history which are parties to the transaction.  We also collect information from credit bureau(s), including credit history and creditworthiness.  We may receive information from other sources such as provider of marketing and demographic data.

Information We May Share:

Our Affiliate Companies

Yrefy is a diversified finance company offering financial and software products to consumers and businesses.  The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act permits us to share among our affiliated companies your name, address and information about your transactions. The opt-out choices described below will not apply to these types of disclosures, unless instructed otherwise.

Information We May Share:

To Service Your Account

In order to administer and manage our customer accounts, to provide customer service and benefits, to process account transactions and account statements, we may disclose information described under the heading “Information We May Collect” to companies that work with us including some of our Yrefy Affiliates to perform services or business operations on our behalf.

Information We May Share:

To with Other Third Parties

Yrefy in certain circumstances, we are permitted or even required to provide information about you to a third-party not affiliated with us.  This type of disclosure would include reporting information about your transaction to credit reporting agencies; responding to regulatory or auditor; or other legal disclosure requirements, and protecting against fraud or preventing information in connection with proposed or actual business transactions.  Additional examples including responding to prior or subsequent lenders or holder with respect to your promissory note or other related documentation, releasing information and making inquiries to the person you have listed on your credit application such as reference, and checking employment history.

Security and Confidentiality

Yrefy restricts access to non-public personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services for you.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulation to guard your nonpublic personal information.